Company History
1995      Foundation of InnoLas GmbH by Reinhard Kelnberger, Andreas Behr & Richard Grundmüller
1997      Acquisition of the scientific laser department of Lumonics
2003      Development of InnoLas’ first monolithic solid-state laser
2006      Spin-off of SiLas GmbH (thin film PV business)
2007      Sale of Silas GmbH to Oerlikon AG
2008      Development of industrial DPSS lasers
2009      Split-up of the business units into separate companies
2011      Acquisition of Advanced Optical Technology Ltd. (sub-ns lasers)
2013      Sale of InnoLas Systems GmbH to Corning
2013      Foundation of InnoLas Solutions GmbH (PV business)
2014      Foundation of InnoLas Photonics GmbH (industrial laser business)