Company History
1995      Foundation of InnoLas GmbH by Reinhard Kelnberger, Andreas Behr & Richard Grundmüller
1997      Acquisition of the scientific laser department of Lumonics
1997      Foundation of the InnoLas UK. Ltd. in Rugby, England
2003      Development of InnoLas’ first monolithic solid-state laser
2005      Foundation of the InnoLas Holding GmbH
2006      Spin-off of SiLas GmbH (thin film PV business)
2007      Sale of Silas GmbH to Oerlikon AG
2008      Development of industrial DPSS lasers
2009      Split-up of the business units into separate companies
2011      Acquisition of Advanced Optical Technology Ltd. (sub-ns lasers)
2013      Sale of InnoLas Systems GmbH to Corning
2013      Foundation of InnoLas Solutions GmbH (PV business)
2014      Foundation of InnoLas Photonics GmbH (industrial laser business)
2014      Foundation of the RKE Holding GmbH – new parent company of InnoLas Laser GmbH and Innolas Photonics GmbH
2015      Separation of the InnoLas Solution GmbH and the InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH
2015      Foundation of the NEO Management Services GmbH
2019      Foundation of the Innolas-Laser Inc. in Springfield, USA
2019      Partial Purchase of iMS GmbH – Innovative Medical Solutions
2022      Sale of the InnoLas Photonics GmbH to the Laser Sources Holding GmbH
2023      Opening of the new premises in Windorf